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What is Young Life?

A fundamental need of young people is for a stable, supportive bond with a caring adult.  For seven decades, Young Life has been providing strong, positive influences in the lives of young people.  Young Life is Christian adults who build relationships with teenagers.  You will find Young Life leaders in the stands of football games, band practices, and taking kids to the mall.  Young Life leaders model trust, respect and responsibility to their young friends, and they do it within a meaningful context, with the context of a teenager’s world.  Young Life’s purpose is to show adolescents Jesus Christ and His relevance to their life.

“Pat and I hold a deep respect for the ministry of Young Life because it appeals to kids right where they are, and in an attractive way exposes them to Godly principles for living.  It drew our two sons into a closer relationship with the Lord, and provided them with many deep friendships that will last a lifetime.  It is also a way for many of us that are caught up in the pressures of the world to influence our kids positively through our financial support.”  - Joe Gibbs, former NFL football coach and Nascar Racing owner

You can find Young Life in every state of the US as well as over 70 countries. 

Our "Club", "Campaigner", and "Camp" programs are part of the Atlee High School, Lee Davis High School, Hanover High School, & Patrick Henry High School communities.  

We also provide communitiy for VCU and RMC students on their campuses.  

We also have a ministry that serves students with disabilities called Capernaum. 

Hanover County Young Life is directed by two full-time staff and over 25 volunteer leaders.

If you have any questions or would like any other information please do not hesitat to contact us using the contact info found about.

 Hanover Young Life is operated and funded by the local community.  Check out this video to find out more about the ways that Young Life is making a difference and how you can be a part of change.

2014 Ashcreek 5k 

Thank You to Everyone Who came out and enjoyed the race!  This years event was made possible by you and our Business Sponsors!
Summer 2014 Information
Our high schools are going to Lake Champion this July, while our Capernaum Team will be heading to Rockbridge in August.

Click the "tabs" above for more information on each of the trips or find the registration forms below.

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Capernaum Rockbridge Week Registration